1989 Establised Multi Marine Services    
1991 Searching to locate Motor Tug "Mr. Nader" off the coast of Hulule'    54M
1992 Laying of twin intake pipe lines of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants    25M
1992 laying of sewerage pipe at Kani resort   5-8M
1993 making of supply jetty and fixing of beacon lights inside lagoon at kani resort.   20M
1994 laying of sewerage pipeline at koodoo isand    Taisei corp.   22M
1994 laying of intake R/o pipeline at vilingili island   20M
1994 laying of  inatke R/o pipeline at Male international airport   20M
1996 search and recovering of current sensor bouy lost at Equatorial channel. All previous attempts failed   45M
1997 LR survey on M.v Thomas Delmas  ran Aground at Male eastern reef    
1997 search and locating and inspection of M.v Victoria,sunk at Male port   53 M
1997 salvaging of koodo Tug 50 Ton.   45M
1997 salvaging of local fery boat   35M
1998 salvaging of  MIFCO tug  50 Ton   30M
1998 salvaging of full cahin and anchor of M.v Bangla Mamata at 53 m depth   53 M
1998 salvaging of local ferry boat   45M
1998 salvaging of helicopter  at 10 m   10 m
1999 Installation of 2 mooring bous at cement factory at thilafushi isang(subcontract)   40M
2000 laying of r/o pipeline and sewerage pipeline at Male international airport.New 5 star hotel (MIC) 2000   20 M
2000 Salvaging of Discovery boat   10M
2001 searching and locating of sunken tug  NORTH  2  off Male    47 M
2003 Repair works of the R/O intake pipeline of presidential palace   4-12M
2003 Salvaging of Speed boat at Fihalhohi Resorrt   40
2003 Salvaging of Speed boat at Taj Resort   40
2004 Bathymetric Survey of Landaa Giraavaru   -
2005 Repairs on Pipeline PS 2-9, 3-4 & 1    
2005 Extension of sewerage pipeline PS 8   42M
2005 Laying of R/O intake pipeline at hulhule   20M
2005 Repair of the leakages on PS 8   10M
2006 Preparation of the mooring buoys for the  world record dive   12M
2006 organizing dives for NATGEO diveteam    
2006 Laying of two sewerage pipelines at K. Aarah   10M
2006 U/w digital video filming of cable routes to and from Hulumale’ ,Male’. 25M
2006 Installation of protective guards on the Fibre Optic Cable   30M
2006 Bathymetric Survey of 1sq km area off thooddoo island   -
2007 photographic survey of gulhi falhu   30M
2007 inspection of passengerline MS ASTOR due to grounding on the reef   -
2007 inspection of the mooring buoys at K. Thilafushi    45M
2007 Airlifting at K.Thilafushi lagoon   12M
2007 Laying of R/0 intake pipeline    10M
2007 Photographic survey of shallow lagoons in north male' atoll   15M
2007 Underwater photographic survey of hulhule reef   15M
2007 Depth profile and current survey off Kulhudufushi proposed seaoutfall site   25M
2007 Salvaging of Tango tug boat   10M
2007 Repair works on PS 2 seaoutfall in male'   5M